Who the heck is Google Optimizing?

We are a department of Complete Web Resources of Florida.

Since 1999 search engine optimization has been one of the major goals of our company. In April 26, 2005 we started specializing in Google Optimizing. Why? Because Google has become not only a giant in the search engine world but the toughest and most worthwhile search engine to optimize for.

Many people have asked how we found out how to optimize a website for Google successfully. We did a great deal of research and continue to do so daily.

But we also did some experimenting and stumbled over several things. One of which was anchor text linking.

One day, just as a whim, we did a search for "click here" to see what would show up. To our surprise "Adobe Reader Download" showed up in the #1 spot. We went to the page and saw that nowhere on the page is the words "click here". We check the coding of the page and nowhere in the coding is "click here" so how did Adobe get the #1 spot? Because on millions of web pages the words "click here" hyperlink to the Adobe Reader Download page.

So we tried it on a website we where having difficult time getting a top 10 ranking in Google. Sure enough after the old googlebot went through the website and Google updated their listings the website was miraculously in the top 10 and we only added two text inbound links.

We of course went crazy with excitement and started adding text inbound links to other websites and their rankings jumped up. So of course we told everybody we discovered the key to success with Google and suddenly everybody was doing it and they called it "Anchor Text Linking"

Well, "Anchor Text Linking" does sound more serious and compelling than "text inbound links".

Then we added lots of "Anchor Text Links" to new websites to get them right to the top of the rankings. Wrong move. The websites where banned from Google. We contacted Google and asked why the websites where banned and that's when it was explained to us by them "Because the website shows too many links in too short a period of time to be genuine links, we believe them to be spamming our search engine."


After pleading on our hands and knees and promising never, ever to do it again, Google lifted the ban which saved us a possible lawsuit.

That's when we discovered that to do inbound text links properly they had to be done on a scheduled system. And again we told everybody. It became known as "Natural Anchor Text Linking". This is when we discovered that we can't do catch phrases worth a darn. We also discovered to keep our mouths shut with everything else we've found.