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Do it yourself Google Optimizing

The cost effective way to optimize a web page for Google is our 22 page booklet.

If you have some very basic knowledge of HTML or have someone that does, this is what you've been looking for.

The Complete "Do It Yourself Guide For Optimize Web Pages for Google."

This Guide covers what you need to do to get the top rankings in Google.

It gives you tools to help find the best keyword phrase that will not only get you visitors but help get you the right visitors.

It gives you a list of "stop" words so you don't waste your time.

It gives you what not to do, those things that can penalize your ranking and even get you dropped from searches.

It gives you a breakdown of what not only Google looks for but Yahoo, and MSN Live. So you can see the differences for optimizing in each.

Included is lists of some of the best links to get from different sources.

Along with some much overlooked and little known information that can make the difference between being #10 and #1.

We're using PayPal for all orders. This way if we don't send you the book via e-mail you simply inform PayPal and they refund your entire purchase price.

So here is your chance to get a jump on your competition before they get a jump on you.

Price $29.95 similar but not nearly as complete information has been sold on the Internet for $149.00




The one real reason a website fails

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Google Optimizing now offers the easiest method to continuously update your website to meet every future change in Google's ranking system

Get a top ranking in Google when someone searches for your keyword phrase in your local area.

The Do It Yourself Guide for Google Optimizing


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