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Frequently Asked Questions about Google Optimizing

I'm being told I need to submit my website every two months to search engines to get better rankings and I see there are many companies that do this. Do you?

No, this was true almost 10 years ago but not since. At one time search engines did not have the resources to store all the web pages that where submitted to them so you had to re-submit often to stay listed. Now, just the opposite is true you submit your website more than once, maybe twice, you get banned from their search engine for spamming their resources. Also, if you have an inbound link from a website already in a search engines data base you need not submit your website at all because it will already be listed via their spyder which follows all the links. Technology has come a long way and continues to do so.

If I use your services how soon will I see results?

That depends on several factors:

  1. The Age of the Website
  2. The Keyword Phrase Chosen
  3. The Amount of Competition for that keyword phrase
  4. The Amount of Inbound Links to the Competition and How Well Their Page Is Optimized for Google

The only way we can get an estimated time for a top 10 ranking is by actually doing a complete evaluation. But in very general worst case scenario terms six months to a year for a top 10 placement. Each website is different with different needs to achieve top 10 placement.

How to You Determine the Best Keyword Phrase for My Website?

This is one of the hardest things we do. First, we use the keyword phrase you supply us to use.

Then we have several independent average people look at the website and ask what keyword phrase would you use to find this website in Google.

We then take all of the answers along with the keyword phrase or phrases supplied by you and run them through three different data bases to find out which is actually used more by real people.

We get an actual count of how many people searched for that keyword phrase in the last 24 Hrs., past month and last six months on Google, on Yahoo! and on MSN Live.

Why do we check Yahoo! and MSN Live?

This gives us a broader base to work with which give a more accurate estimate on future searches.

And the one that has the most people using it, is what we suggest you use. Notice we said suggest, your the one that makes the finial decision on the keyword phrase we're not here to force you into anything.

How Important is it that My Website Look Good.

How your website looks has no relevance on how it ranks with Google. And more often then not has no effect on most visitors. As long as it is clean and neat.

Websites that perform the best in both search engines and with clients are those that are basically simple, easy to use websites.

But your navigational structure and codes do matter greatly with search engines.

I'm going broke on Google AdWords and I'm #1 on the list. What am I doing wrong?

Many people when trying to find a quick solution to getting a top ranking in Google jump onto AdWords without doing so much needed research.

First, used properly AdWords can help your sales, what you have to understand is how people search for things on Google and what they react to when search results are displayed. And what your profit per sale will be is extremely important.

Since AdWords are a bid for position and top spot can run anywhere between $1 per click to $50 per click and even more for some keyword phrases. So it's important to realize what your actual profits per sale will be. If your making a $20 profit per sale you could bid up to $1 per click and still make some money not much but some money. Basic rule is to only bid up to 5% of your profit margin. As your going to get plenty of clicks from your competition checking you out and looky Lou's just seeing what you offer. Getting caught up in a bidding war will only cost you more money.

Searchers can be broken down into 80% and 20% which is 80% will not click on to ads and only click onto the normal none paid for links. Why? They know that they are paid for and don't think they'll give them what they are looking for. So let's say there are 100 people searching your keyword phrase in Google and your top dog in AdWords at the very most you'll get 20 people to click your ad link. And the guy in the #1 position in the normal search position will get 35 people to click to his website for free and only because he took the time to properly optimize his website. Hmmm!



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