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Due to fact we've been getting over 300 requests per day and many of the requests are from people just trying to get free information and also due to the fact that to do any form of optimizing a website for Google we have to do a complete evaluation of that site.

We are now implementing a new procedure to help free up our time to spend it optimizing websites instead of answering questions that are already answered on the website.

The new procedure is simple all you have to do is click on the buy now button, near the bottom of this page, for a complete website evaluation. You will be then taken to PayPal were you can make payment by credit card, check or bank transfer. We use PayPal because it is the securest way of payment on the Internet protecting both us and you. PayPal guarantees you will receive our services or your money back.

Official PayPal SealOnce payment is made you will be taken to our web page to get the needed information about the website.

Once completed we will do a complete evaluation of the website and send it to you along with your specific cost for us to to the work for you. You can still try to do it yourself or have someone else do it for you as this is a detailed evaluation and tells you exactly what needs to be completed.




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