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Google Optimizing now offers the easiest method to continuously update your website to meet every future change in Google's ranking system

Get a top ranking in Google when someone searches for your keyword phrase in your local area.

The Do It Yourself Guide for Google Optimizing



Get a top ranking in Google when someone searches for your keyword phrase in your local area.

If you are looking to target a specific city area where your doing business whether selling products or a service you can now get what's going to be known as an over the top listing.

What's an over the top listing? It's a listing that is over the top of the normal listings in the Google search results. To see this do a Google search for "bath supplies Los Angeles" you'll see three results next to a map of the Los Angeles area with little markers to show the location of each business. Now do a search for your keyword phrase and add your city that your do business in (you may need to include the State in smaller cities).

Who do you think people will visit first and most often? Well if you said the top spot in the over the top listing your correct.

Normally the number one spot in a normal search receives about 35% of the people doing the search but when a localize search is performed about 62% go to the over the top listed sites first. That's one heck of a big difference.

Now a majority of what goes into normal Google Optimizing for the Internet holds true for local optimizing but several more factors need to be added such as inclusion in specific directories and added information to a web page.

There are other outside factors that you and not us must handle. Such as becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce and being on the online local area phone directory if you are not already. If you are already then your not looking at any additional cost factors.

Our fees for this service is $815.00 USD of which $299.00 USD is paid directly to Yahoo! And you will receive a reoccurring bill each year for $299.00 USD from Yahoo! to keep your listing in their directory. There will be no additional costs from us unless you opt to have additional inbound anchor text links pointing to the website. At this time it not necessary to do this but it may become a factor later as it became the case with normal searches.

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