Google Myths

When I do a search for "travel Europe" Google will search the Internet right now and will display all 405,000,000 pages in 0.18 seconds.

It's always surprised us how many people really think this is true.

Google does send it's Googlebot continuously to search for new websites, changes to websites and websites that no longer exist so they can keep an updated data base to display results.

But the data base is not updated immediately.

On an average it takes from the time the Googlebot searches a site, gets the database updated and finally displays the updated information about 45 days.

With the trillions of web pages on the Internet that's an amazing turn around time.

Will they display all 405,000,000 pages for you to view?

No. In the above search only 811 pages can be seen and on an average they will display no more than 1,000 pages. Because nobody ever looks that far. The 0.18 seconds is the time it took to display those 811 pages from their data base which again is a marvelous turn around time.

Google is helping big business become bigger by dropping out the little guys and moving big businesses to the top of their search results list. That's the reason they dropped reciprocating links.

No, the only thing Google is trying to do is to be able to return the best possible matches when a search is performed. The reason Google drop the reciprocating links from their formula is the same reason they dropped the keyword META TAG from their formula it's too easy for anyone to do, so it doesn't return the best results for a search.

Now, to help out small locally owned business Google has started a local search update so businesses within a certain range of a person doing a search for that product or service will start having an advantage over companies located farther away from the searchers location.

So if your a company selling gizmos in LA and someone does a search for gizmos your ranking will be higher than a company selling gizmos in San Francisco and much higher than a company selling gizmos in Chicago.

I don't need to submit my website to Google to get it listed in their search engine.

True, if you have a link from a website that is already listed with Google. This is the best way to get listed with Google.