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Google Optimizing now offers the easiest method to continuously update your website to meet every future change in Google's ranking system

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Google Optimizing Turnkey Solution

Many people have asked us to develop a service where they don't need to worry about future changes with how Google ranks their website and they don't want to have to rush to implement those changes to their website.

So we have and made it as easy as possible to do.

As you've read in our website, optimizing must be done on two playing fields on-site and off-site.

Both are equally important to obtaining a top ranking in Google. But as we've stated changes due occur with what Google sees as being more important at any given time.

So here's what we've come up with to make it as easy as possible to always be on top of any changes in Google.

  1. We copy the page that you want to optimize for.
  2. We make the changes needed to optimize for Google today.
  3. We keep a copy of the optimized page.
  4. We send you the optimized page to be published to your website.
  5. When we find out there is to be a change and what the change is, we update your copy of the previously optimized web and then send you the newly update page to be published.

So now you need never worry about changes in Google having a major affect on your rankings.

Remember you do not have to optimize every page on a website just the most important ones to get you visitors.

The cost is slightly more than our complete one time optimizing package. $465.00 USD per page using one keyword phrase this is a one time cost that includes all of our normal on-site services and updating for life (as long as you own the website; it is not transferable to anyone). And $119.00 USD per month for the Co-Op link building program. We will not do just the on-site optimizing and we will not do the link building program without a link page on your website.

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