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  Guaranteed Top Ranking in Google

We can guarantee a top 10 ranking in Google for most websites but not all websites.

You must have a web page evaluation by us before we can determine if we can guarantee your top 10 ranking for the keyword phrase requested.

We charge a $225.00 USD deposit for this service once completed we will e-mail you with costs minus the $225.00 USD, an estimated time frame we must meet and once we get approval and a deposit of 60% of the total cost we will give you a written guarantee that if we do not get the keyword phrase in at least the top 10 in the time frame we've given you get your money refunded less any third party costs.

Total costs will vary between websites as some need only minor changes while others may need a complete rebuild.

The minimum cost it $2,000.00 USD.

If your a clone website, that is an identical website to many others that sells the same product or services on the same website as everyone else that is selling for that company, you will need to have a second website built that links to the original website so you can get credit for the sales.

This is a bigger undertaking then it seems and the minimum fee is $2,815.00 USD and it will take up to six months to see results.

If you are serious about getting your pages into the top 10 in Google click the Pay Now Button below to pay the deposit payment via PayPal.

You do not have to be a member of PayPal to make payments. They accept most major credit cards or checks. Your information is protected by them and if we don't fulfill our guarantee and if we do not refund the money you can request the refund from PayPal and they will simply pull it from our account.



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