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  Offsite Optimizing for Google

Off Site Optimizing is limited only to the amount of time spent working on it, this is the area most website's fail in and what can make the difference between being only #40 and being #1.

One of the major key factors to a website's ranking is the amount of inbound natural anchor text links (natural anchor text links are anchor text links that are slightly different from each other, yet convey the same keyword phrase and are generated by human influence not by software).

Inbound only natural anchor text links shows your website is an authority on a subject or item named in the anchor text link to Google. The more of them, the more of an authority your website becomes therefore deserving a higher ranking.

Not the amount of reciprocating links (an agreed link exchange between two websites, you link to me and I link to you) as some "experts" will tell you "you need them", but they're almost useless with Google.

So are "Link Farms", websites that do nothing more than list your website on them with no content; even though in theory they would be one way links, so you would think they would help.

But Google has found a way to check to see if your website is listed with "Link Farms". Remember they "spyder" all links on your website both incoming and outgoing to check on how important your website is to the Internet community.

And if they find your website listed on one of these "link farms" your website gets penalized or even dropped out of Google for what they conceder spamming.

Yes, spamming doesn't have to be in e-mail form.

Now there are companies that will sell you legitimate one-way links but the cost is more than most small businesses can afford as many start at $599 per month and up.

So how can a small or medium size business that is just as good if not better than the big boys compete?

We've come up with a proven solution.

Our solution is doing a CO-OP anchor text link exchange between legitimate businesses.

To explain how it works, simply conceder three different websites and lets name them A, B and C. Website A does an anchor text link to website B. Website B in turn puts in an anchor text link to website C. Then website C finishes the process by doing an anchor text link to website A. No one is doing a reciprocating link (back and forth between them).

Remember this is the simplest explanation as it is much more involved.

It has to be setup with the proper websites those that will give your website authority to do the anchor text link exchange with properly.

Since this isn't a reciprocating link exchange that's easily to check, the only real way to monitor that everyone is doing what he or she should do is have a third party monitor it.

That's where we come in.

We setup the anchor text link exchange and monitor it so everyone is treated fairly.

You will never have to link to our website. We prefer that you didn't. This way you know we're not doing this to increase our rankings.

What needs to be done:

You include a specialized link page on your website, we give you the text and links for you to copy and paste on the page, we add your anchor text link to other websites and continue to do so.

The amount of links to your website will depend on several factors but the biggest one is how long your website has been on the Internet.

The links have to be introduced in a specific amount and time frame to appear as natural, not built using software or unsanctioned development.

This service costs $119.00 USD per month per keyword phrase as we continuously build links to your website. The links will multiple in size over time such as: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. (this is an example not exact figures as that will depend on the websites age and other factors such as how many authority websites there are for your keyword phrase or business). An authority website link is worth 20 inbound links from non-authority websites in Google's eyes.

There is a limited amount of clients we can handle in this area as this service has to be performed by real people not software.

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