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Onsite Optimizing for Google

Onsite Google Optimizing needs, in most cases, to be done in a major way only once to a website, if handled properly. But it may need minor tweaking later if Google does a major update.

There are many more elements that are important to a websites search engine ranking than most people are aware of. Google and others will have you believe there are 200 but we've found that there is a total of 30 for Google (on-site and off-site). Each has its own importance also known as weight.

There are elements in both the front side (what people see) and backside (what search engines see) of a website. Some elements such as keyword phrases are at work in both sides.

Keyword phrases are a very well known important website element but it never ceases to amaze us on how badly they are used. People pick the wrong keyword phrase for their webpage 95% of the time. And those that pick the right keyword phrase end up over using it in their page. Google uses the idea of less is more and over using will help lower your ranking or even get it banned.

Using the proper keyword phrase can be the difference between success on the Internet or failure. It is far better to get 100 visitors that all will be interested in your website then 10,000 that have no interest at all in it.

That's part of what we do, finding you the best possible keyword phrase that will not only get you the largest amount of visitors and best possible chance of a top 10 listing but visitors that would be interested in your products, services or information.

We take the keyword phrase that you supply us with that is most relevant to your product, service or information and run that information through several databases to find out:

  1. How many REAL searches where performed for that keyword phrase over the last 24 hours and over the last 120 days in Google.
  2. How many total competitors are there for this keyword phrase.
  3. What's the likelihood of being in the top 10 for this keyword phrase.
  4. We then find several more variations of the keyword phrase (these are the ones people will actually use to find your product, service or information) and run them through the same process to find the golden keyword phrase that will have the highest return on investment. The one with the highest amount of qualified visitors that want your product, service or information.

We then do a search in Google for that keyword phrase to find out who has the top 10 rankings for that exact keyword phrase.

We compare your web page against those top 10 web pages. From that information we can tell exactly what needs to be done to over take their spots. We then send you the report.

The report usually take 48-96 hour from time of payment to the time you receive the report via e-mail.

This is a detailed report that compares all 30 factors Google uses in determining ranking, both on site and off site, and the report will tell you exactly what needs to be changed and where, what additional links you might need and other information to overtake those presently in the top 10 positions. We ask that you not share the information we give you with others. You may indirectly help your competition if you do.

It is important to note that if your are trying to optimize for another Google search engine other than Google.com such as Google.co.uk, Google.ca, Google.co.nz, Google.ie, Google.com.au, Google.co.in or other English versions of Google outside the United States, is that these have unique requirements, so please inform us so we can modify our inquires to meet your needs.

The fee for this service is $335.00 USD per page per keyword phrase.

You do not need to optimize every page on a website just the important ones those that will make you money.

To order this service click the button below.

We can also build you a Google site map for your website. Site maps do not directly effect your Google ranking but what they will do is make your site Google friendly and visitor friendly.

It will be visited more often because it has a site map that allows easy fast access which Google loves, because it saves them time and resources. This allows you to update your website and have the updates appear more rapidly in Google.

We build the site map to the exact specifications of Google. It has to be completed in parts: First, we build the XML page, HTML page and supply the Google verification folder along with some graphics for the HTML page. We then send them to you.

Second, you must upload all the files we send to your root directory then contact us through the e-mail address we will include; so we may then contact Google and have them verify that the site map is in place and is properly coded. Website extensions supported are: .htm, .html, .shtm, .shtml, .txt, .php, php4, .php5, .pdf, .swf, .asp, .cfm 

If there are pages or sub folders you do not want either the public or search engines to view via the site map you must inform us otherwise all pages and sub folders will appear on the site map. You can, if you like, add links to your site map from your web pages and make it visitor friendly.

Charge for this service is $19.95 and it usually takes less than 24 hours to receive the files to be uploaded. You can purchase this service immediately via PayPal.

Google Site Map only $19.95

We can give you every bit of information you need to optimize your website for Google with the exception of good content but we can help steer you in the proper direction.

Good content properly written for a website can be the real factor in a website's success.

We can get you a massive amount of visitors to your website but it's the content that will keep them there and it's the content that will convert those visitors into clients.

To make sure you have the best content for your website you need to have a professional copywriter and not just any copywriter.

You need to have a professional copywriter for websites.

Writing good content that not only converts visitors into clients but also written for search engine ranking is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable.

The copywriters that are able to do this, you can count them on your fingers and toes.

Now for those do-it yourself folks, here's a unique opportunity one of the several tools we use is:

You'll get one week free of the complete systems resources by just clicking the banner above. This uses all the information from Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live, ASK and others on what keyword phrases would work best and give you a basic idea of how many competitors there are for that phrase. But remember we said it's only one of several tools we use.



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