The One Real Reason a Website Fails

You are probably expecting us to say it's search engines especially Google, but that's not the one real reason. The one all encompassing reason a website fails is simply: it's not treated as a real business. 

Here you have a gold mine for just about any form of business and very few treat their website as a business. And the main reason is due to the fact a website is cheap, really cheap to run compared to a brick and mortar business. Not many, if indeed anyone, could loss the ranch if their website business failed. But if a brick and mortar business fails itís another story. 

But you can make more money on the Internet. Why? Simply you have a much bigger client base, lower overhead and cheaper means of advertising.

You see brick and mortar businesses redoing their displays, updating the looks of their store and advertising in almost every way possible to drive traffic into their stores. The more people equal more sales. The easier it is to see and reach a product equal more sales of that product. In a brick and mortar business you see professionals being hired for marketing, designers being hired to remodel whatever it takes to get sales. But does this happen on the Internet not often enough, if at all in most cases. 

So how do you become successful on the Internet? Simple, treat your website as a business. Thatís it; just treat your site as a business. Find out who your competition happens to be and out do them.

And Iím not talking about under selling them offer your visitor something more.

Sears, when they started, the only different between them and other stores was that they offered a catalog and an unconditional guarantee. They where every bit as high or higher in price as the competition but they offered something no one else did. They became the giant in retail.

But then they stopped doing it and ended up being bought out by Kmart and then Wal-Mart became the super power in retail because they did both offering a satisfaction guarantee and lower price.

If you treat your website as a business which means getting the best possible help to develop it into a money maker, you will succeed where others have failed.

It's that simple but you have to do it and do it now before your competition beats you to the punch.

In a brick and mortar business you hear that the three keys to success is location, location, location. And on the Internet that equates to search engines, search engines, search engines. Or more exactly Google, Google, Google.

Your Internet business is in your hands so ask yourself "Am I smarter than a Fifth Grader?"