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  What our clients say about us

For years I've been trying to get business clients from my website and now because of your help I've have little time for anything else but clients. Can you tone it down a little. Only kidding. Thanks Jack

Jack Brennan is the owner of Paladin Golf Marketing in Plant City, Florida his website is www.golfcoursemarketingplans.com

keyword phrase Google Yahoo!
golf course marketing plans #1+2 #1+2
golf course marketing #1 #2+10

These rankings where as of May. 8, 2011 this website has been in at least the top 10 for over six years running with many months as #1 for each

You've help completely turn our business around and I wish to thank you for that. Again thank you so much for your help. Beth Corbin-Hsi

Beth Corbin-Hsi is the owner of Albuquerque Clinical Trials in Albuquerque, New Mexico who's website is www.albuquergueclinicaltrials.com 
keyword phrase Google Yahoo!
albuquerque clinical trials #1 #1+5
clinical trials albuquerque #1 #1+2

These rankings where as of May 8, 2011 this website has been in the #1 spot for over six years running.

These clients use our complete system they understood that the ranks took time to develop and now they are reaping the rewards.

A website to watch is Copper Top Table which has never been in the top 1,000 listings in Google, Yahoo! or MSN. We just completed the entire revamping of the website June 19, 2007. The main keyword phrase is "rectangular copper top table" but there will also be other combinations that will rank well in the other search engines as well.

keyword phrase Google Rank Yahoo
copper top table 1 1
rectangular copper top table 1 1
round copper top table 1 1
copper lazy Susan 1 3
copper coffee table 6 4
copper top console table 1 1
copper top end table 2 1

The website now has over 14 top 10 rankings in Google with at least one for each of the products they sell many with two top 10 listings. We rebuilt their entire website. They now receive an average of over six hundred inquiries per month as compared to zero inquiries before we Google Optimized their website.

These rankings where as of May 8, 2011

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